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What, exactly, do you do?

Del Mar Media Arts operates three divisions that work in the following areas: casting, production, and training.

The casting and production divisions are under the umbrella of our sister company, Del Mar Advertising (founded in 1970). This division casts for and produces projects for commercials, film, television, and voice over (radio commercials, narrations, animation, audio books, etc.).

The training portion, Del Mar Media Arts, was founded in 1980. For 25 years we functioned under the office of Private Post-Secondary and Vocational Schools, following the same strict regulations and protocol as all private universities and trade schools in California. In January 2005, SB 1544 went in to effect which states, "Institutions that exclusively offer programs that cost five hundred dollars ($500) or less are no longer required to have the Bureau's approval." However, we have chosen to continue the same programs and policies that we have maintained for more than 38 years.

Do you teach online classes?

No. We feel that learning the art of voice over work is very much like learning the art of dance. It would be possible to learn some things via an online course but the precision and guidance a student needs to become competitive requires both student and teacher to be in the same room.

We also feel students progress faster in a classroom situation. Private coaching may be valuable at some point in a student's career. But the things students learn from watching other people being coached give more facets and more variation to the learning process. A one-on-one session only allows the student to learn from one perspective, theirs. In a group class, a student can gain ideas and learn many techniques and approaches that might not come up in a private lesson.

For these reasons and many others, we do not teach online classes.

Do you offer classes for kids?

No. The youngest students allowed to participate in workshops at DMMA must be at least 16 years of age.

Are you an agent or agency?

No. That is considered a conflict of interest. A legitimate, licensed talent agency is prohibited from owning any interest in an acting studio.

We do, however, include evenings of guest SAG/AFTRA and ATA agents in the curriculum. This should not imply students will be signed by an agent during their time at DMMA, although many students have made agency connections as a result of their participation in DMMA courses.

Why are you in Orange County (not Los Angeles)?

Del Mar Media Arts' first location was in Hollywood/Burbank in 1980, followed by San Diego in 1983, and Orlando, Florida in 1985. In 1991 all offices were combined to our current location in Irvine, California. This became possible because of the rapid growth of the industry here over the last several years.

How much do courses cost?

We offer a variety of media courses at Del Mar Media Arts. They vary in length from six to eight weeks and time (12-18 hours of course work). The tuition ranges from $345 to $595 depending on the length and number of course hours.

A $50 registration fee is required to hold a spot in a class.

Are you an advanced fee talent service?

No. Del Mar Media Arts does not charge a fee for auditions, promise work or the opportunity to work, accept referral fees from third parties, employ recruiters, or require a purchase of any kind for auditions that are conducted at the studio. Auditions are open to actors and are published through legitimate sources (agents, casting directors, etc.), and enrollment in Del Mar courses or any other type of payment to DMMA is not a requirement to participate in auditions or be hired for projects.

DMMA does not sign students to managerial contracts. DMMA does not sell or promote photography of any kind. Sources for artist promotional material are supplied but always optional to the student.

Why do I need to attend a free seminar prior to receiving a full studio packet and list of classes?

Since 1980, the State of California has required all prospective students to attend one free open house seminar prior to entering into any course work at Del Mar Media Arts. Today, this continues to be a studio prerequisite.

This is a form of disclosure and allows the studio to explain in detail the courses and philosophy of the studio.

Attendees are then requested to schedule an evaluation interview (free of charge) to determine the suitability of the person and possible acceptance into the program. Attendees will be required to answer a few interview questions and read material (provided) either on camera or on mic as part of the evaluation.

When is your next free introductory class?

Our next free introductory class will be on 01/08/2020 at 07:00 pm . Reserve your spot now.

Do you ever turn people away?

Yes. Obviously, not everyone is cut out for the type of work done here. Del Mar Media Arts has an excellent reputation in the industry for holding a high level of class work. Persons who appear to not meet the criteria of ability will be given an honest appraisal and told the reasons for non-acceptance.

Does that mean you only accept people with experience or professionals?

Not at all! Although DMMA offers many professional-level courses, much of the student body is made up of people who are exploring these endeavors for the first time. Students are 16 years and above (including seniors), all physical types and ethnicities, and people from all walks of life. DMMA does not currently offer classes for children.

What type of financing do you offer?

Del Mar Media Arts accepts checks, cash, and all major credit cards.

Tell me about your placement service.

Placement does not exist in this industry. No legitimate studio would ever guarantee or even offer any type of placement. Jobs are eventually won by actors who do excellent auditions. Auditioning skills are the central focus of all of our training.

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Reserve a spot in our next free seminar. Receive a detailed information packet, invitation, and map to our facility.

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